our mission field

In 2016, with the collaboration of our missionaries in Danli, Honduras, the Lord gave the vision to our Pastor to start an International Pastors Training Center in Danli. The intent was to educate and equip pastors of all ages and experience and teach them key aspects of ministry and leadership to help them impact their communities and plant new churches. Over 50 Pastors from all over Central America gathered together in Danli, Honduras that first year for four days of intense training and education. On the final day, before they headed home, they were equipped with Bibles, thousands of gospel tracts, Bible Study helps, discipleship books, and many other ministry tools and materials to encourage and enable them to further the gospel and strengthen their own church ministries.

One year later in 2017, the word was quickly spreading regarding the conference, and the attendance doubled. Not only were there Year one and Year two classes offered, but there was also a large evangelistic outreach on the final day of the conference. Working closely with our local missionaries, our Pastors desire was for the visiting pastors to envision that greater things can be accomplished for the Glory of God when combining efforts to help one another. On Thursday, the final day of the conference, all the pastors, staff and missionaries went to the neighboring town of El Paraiso with the intent to personally knock on every door in that city. It was a tremendous day of one-on-one evangelism with tracts, Bibles, and personal invitations to attend church services in El Paraiso that Sunday. There were over 200 personal one-on-one professions recorded that Thursday, and that opening Sunday they had over 80 first time visitors in attendance. As a result of that outreach effort, a new church was birthed; the Faith Baptist Church in El Paraiso. The church has continued to grown and a trained nationalm, Yeri Rodriguez, is now pastoring that church. Praise the Lord!

In 2018, word was continuing to spread and the attendance doubled once again and there were just under 200 registered Pastors. With the continued growth of the International Pastors Training Center, we were exhausting all the hotels in the area and realized there was a great need for additional housing for these Pastors. With the assistance of another ministry, there was around 5 acres of property purchased for the ministries at Bethlehem Baptist Church and construction to a new dorm was completed just prior to the annual conference. The dorm can house up to 100 Pastors (50 bunk beds) and includes beautiful bathroom and shower facilities. This was fundamental to the success of the conference as there were a record number of Pastors attending that year.

In 2019, seeing the growth pattern for the International Pastors Training Center, plans were immediately made to have a second dorm build to house another 100 Pastors for the 2019 July conference as the total attendance grew to nearly 250. In addition to the continued training classes and the distribution of ministry tools, there was a city wide rally held on the last day. The city of Danli was flooded with gospel tracts, Bibles, and a personal invitation to attend a city wide rally held at the city stadium. There were over 2000 in attendance that night as Pastor Gil Torres preached a powerful evangelistic message. During the invitation many came forward for salvation and the Pastors from the Conference dealt one on one with individuals and almost 100 souls were saved that evening (not including the almost 150 that were led to Christ during the daytime outreach.)

Our hearts desire is that God would use our family to help continue to establish new churches as well as expand the International Pastors Training Center for the years to come. Knowing the potential growth and sphere of influence that God has opened up, we are eager and excited to walk through this door of opportunity as God continues to grow our faith as we endeavor to see more souls saved and lives changed for His glory!