the lane family

Missionaries to Honduras

Please allow us a moment to introduce ourselves; we are the Lane family, missionaries to Honduras.

My wife and I have been married since November of 1999 and we have three beautiful children: Dakota (born in 2002), MaKayla (born in 2004), and Brayden (born in 2012). Our family has served together in the ministries of Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington under Pastor Mark Smith since November 18, 2000. We have been highly involved in the ministries there and consider it a great privilege to have served at Faith Baptist Church faithfully with our children for the past nineteen years. We have had the opportunity to work in the music ministry, children’s ministries, bus ministry, discipleship program, nursery, Sunday school classes, outreach ministries, as well as the joy of working on full time staff for over nineteen years. Serving in one place for almost two decades comes with an incredible amount of rewarding blessings. Our family has grown immensely with our Pastor’s challenging messages, inspirational vision, nurturing counsel, and encouraging admonitions. The long-term investment from Faith Baptist Church and Pastor Smith in our lives has been a cherished privilege. Not only do we consider it a great honor to be sent out of a wonderful and inspirational church such as Faith, but also acknowledge that Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington has a very rich and faithful heritage in ministry and missions. We are thrilled and humbled at God’s calling on our lives to exemplify our Heavenly Father on the mission field of Honduras!

“I was raised in a loving Christian home and have been extremely blessed to be in church all of my life. My dad served on staff at Central Baptist Church in Texas as an assistant pastor when I was born. The Lord directed my parents to move in 1980 to Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington where my dad took the pastorate. My dad led me to the Lord when I was five years old and he baptized me shortly thereafter. Being a part of a Pastors home allowed our entire family to be very involved in many aspects of the ministry such as the bus routes, children’s ministries, music ministries, etc. During my junior year of High school, my parents let me know that they were called to the mission field of Honduras. So, for my senior year, I decided to travel with my parents on deputation; which proved to be a great decision as I met my future wife on deputation. I attended Massillon Baptist College in Ohio and after graduation, married my wife Kathy in November. One year later, in November of 2000, the Lord led us back to Washington to serve at Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma under Pastor Mark Smith. I have been privileged to be part of the Pastoral staff for over nineteen years before God’s clear calling on our family to the country of Honduras.”

“Since my dad was in the military, our family was stationed at the Kaiserslautern military base
in Germany in 1983. I was saved and baptized at Rheinland Baptist Church in Landstuhl,
Germany when I was seven years old and we attended there until the military moved us to
Ft. Lewis, Washington in 1989. Our family found a new home church to attend and
quickly joined Temple Baptist Church in Lacey, Washington under Pastor Mike Kinney.
I had the privilege to work various ministries at Temple Baptist Church, and met
my future husband during a missions conference at our church in 1995. I attended
Pensacola Christian College in Florida for two years and then transferred to
Massillon Baptist College in Ohio to finish out my schooling and graduated
in May of 1999. Brandon and I were married a few months later in November
and served at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Irving, Texas for one year. The Lord
then led us back to Washington to serve at Faith Baptist Church under
Pastor Mark Smith and we have been serving there for the past nineteen years
in various ministry opportunities.”

“My name is Dakota Lane and I am excited to work in the fruitful mission field of Honduras. I
came to a saving knowledge of Christ at the age of five in October of 2007 during our
church’s missions conference. I have been privileged to attend the same church for my entire
life, serving in many of its ministries. Some of the areas I have been fortunate to be involved in
include the church nursery, audio/video ministry, choir, orchestra, and special music.
I am also attending Faith Baptist Christian Academy (an extension of our church)
and will be graduating from Faith Baptist Christian Academy in June of 2020.
After graduation, I would like to go with my family to Honduras for a couple
years to serve with them. I have visited the country of Honduras on three
separate occasions, and I am eager to serve our Savior to better reap His
bountiful harvest. I am so very thrilled God has given our family the
opportunity to go, and I thank Him for all he has done in my life.”

“My name is MaKayla Lane. I have grown up in Faith Baptist Church. I was led to a saving
knowledge of Christ at the age of six on January 12, 2011, by my older brother, Dakota.
I am privileged to be involved in several ministries, including playing my violin in the
orchestra, singing in the choir, and assisting with children in nursery. My parents
have also allowed me and my two brothers to attend the school that is adjoined
with the church facility. With the help of my parents, my pastor, my teachers,
and other godly influences, I have been blessed to receive an excellent spiritual
and curricular education. I have been to Honduras two times, and I’ve fallen in
love with the sweet people there in Danli. I am thrilled with the fact that I am
able to use the talents God has given me to aid the ministry there. The possible
ministries that I might be participating in there in Honduras include playing
the violin and piano, helping with the children, and taking photographs to
update our supporting churches of what has progressed. I am so excited
to see how God is planning to use our family!”

“Hi! My name is Brayden and I was saved on December 10, 2017 at five years old.
My parents led me to the Lord and I was baptized a few weeks later. I currently
go to Faith Baptist Christian Academy along with my older brother and sister.
My favorite subject at school is math and I also enjoy music class. I am learning
to play the recorder and have started learning to play the piano. I enjoy singing
with my family and spending time playing outside. I really like Master Club
on Wednesday nights and enjoy the different teachers in Children’s Church
on Sunday. I am happy about going to Honduras! I will miss my friends but
I am excited that God has led us in this direction to be missionaries.”